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    【New Arrival】🥷DIOR Oblique Vintage Down Jacket

    The last heavyweight winter edition of the year is now available🚀. The fabric incorporates imported technology with jacquard weaving, offering a substantial yet supple feel. It deviates from traditional black, featuring a bright surface and a midnight blue glow. Developed for nearly half a year, this fabric stands out from other market options. The inner lining adopts 120-thread memory yarn with new velveting technology, anti-static treatment, retaining body temperature and resisting the cold wind! Filled with 90% new national standard white goose down, it provides the best resilience and fluffiness for ultimate warmth. This winter, it’s definitely more than enough! Feel free to experience it at Dior counter and compare it, you’ll see that the quality and style will stay timeless for years. I’m truly confident in my product quality— that’s the assurance🌝. Highly recommended!

    Available for immediate order 💁🏻

    Sizes: 48 50 52 54

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