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    Do wealthy ladies also carry fake bags?

    Of course! Perhaps you may find this hard to understand? Why would they, being wealthy, choose to buy fakes? But the reality is just that! There’s an interesting phenomenon: while some are still scrimping to afford Hermès, wealthy individuals are already sporting fake bags.

    Sometimes, discussing who buys “fake bags” seems to touch a nerve for some people. They naturally associate terms like “vanity,” “greed,” “low,” and “knock-off” with those who opt for replicas!

    But I think it’s quite normal, and personally, I’m one of them! I used to look down on fake goods, but after buying quite a few, I realized that boutique products aren’t really that different!

    On the contrary, a truly high-quality life may not necessarily require defining one’s identity through brand names and prices, as many believe life should be showcased through material consumption.

    Wealthy individuals carrying fake bags is a “secret” within the rich circle.
    Moreover, not only do they carry fake bags themselves, but they also recommend various ways to buy fake bags to each other.

    In fact, the higher one’s social status, the less likely they are to flaunt luxury cars, designer items, extravagant vacations, or gourmet meals. As a post once pointed out on Facebook: the era of conspicuous consumption has come to an end.

    When you see through it all, you realize that what matters in consumption isn’t other people’s opinions but how to spend every penny wisely. Using money reasonably to maximize happiness.

    Many customers often express to me,
    they need bags for socializing, but that doesn’t mean they’re willing to pay a premium for luxury items. Their status is evident, and even if they carry fake bags, no one dares to suspect they’re fake.
    Some celebrity customers also openly admit to buying fake bags, claiming it’s to showcase their “clarity” and considering themselves wise!

    A customer even shared her unsuccessful investment experience ,”Once, all people and SA told me, ‘Don’t buy fakes; they don’t retain value!’ I thought it was my lack of wisdom, a lack of understanding of investment. When I took a birkin25 I bought for $30K to a second-hand store to test the market’s buyback price, expecting my bag to appreciate, but they told me it could be bought back for 22k, I was ….what? it was a new bag. At that moment, I thought, “How foolish of me to believe it actually retains value! I’m losing my money. I no longer listen to anyone talking to me about retaining value; I just want my money to be well spent!”.

    I believe this is also a reflection of the changing attitudes towards luxury items in recent years.

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