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    The Chanel Classic Flap is a classic among classics.

    Recently, the price of the Chanel Classic Flap has surpassed $11,000 and feels like it’s about to break $11,500! The “CF” stands for Classic Flap bag. In the 1980s, Karl Lagerfeld, in order to cater to the prevailing materialistic atmosphere, made slight modifications to the classic 2.55 bag. He replaced the understated square Mademoiselle lock with the flashy double C logo, making it more appealing and suitable for a wider age range, hence the birth of the CF.

    The lambskin looks elegant and textured, with a brighter sheen, giving it a more vintage style. However, it is more delicate and less durable in terms of wear resistance. The caviar leather is more modern, with a relatively rough and hard texture, and much more durable than lambskin.

    Personally, I think every size is perfect, mainly depending on your outfit and travel needs!

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