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    DIOR |Small size Saddle Bag |color collections

    A classic with timeless fashion trend.

    Fashion may be fleeting, but classics are eternal; fashion is cyclical. Since its inception, the Saddle Bag has witnessed the journey from IT Bag to Anti-IT Bag, and now back to being a trendy IT Bag again.

    There’s no need to reminisce about the past because the present is the best.

    The love for the Saddle Bag embodies the essence of the Dior brand’s spirit, just as Maria Grazia Chiuri explained in an interview: “I hope to recreate the beauty of that era through this collection.” I believe this is one of Dior’s recent classic masterpieces, a perfect accessory for daily styling. The material is made of Italian imported palm pattern grain cowhide 🐂, paired with lambskin lining 🐑. When you hold it in your hand, you’ll be pleasantly surprised – it’s stylish and versatile.

    Trust me, my darlings, this one is a must-have 😍 Size: 21:18:5cm

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