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    Dior 23rd Edition Early Autumn Cotton Bamboo Texture T-Shirt 🏜️

    This t-shirt stands out from the ordinary cotton fabric you find in the market—it’s made from bamboo texture fabric! The fabric development process took over a month, showcasing the dedication and patience in creating something unique. Unlike others who prioritize speed over quality, this shirt ensures that you won’t encounter any embarrassing moments when wearing it.

    The highlight lies in the velveting process, which differs from the usual heat transfer and embossing techniques commonly used in the market. The shirt is fully covered with imported velveting, creating a soft and natural effect, similar to human hair and eyebrows. The texture is so smooth that it adheres closely to the skin, without any protrusions. In comparison, heat transfer and embossing techniques can feel rigid and may shift as you move.

    Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.

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