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    Gucci Cherry 🍒 Embroidered Cotton T-Shirt

    Adorable little cherries, perfect for a refreshing summer look! Unisex, made with 100% custom-made Xinjiang cotton! The fabric feels incredibly soft and skin-friendly! As soon as you touch it, you’ll know it’s of excellent quality. The custom thread, yarn, and dyeing ensure no color variation. A moderate amount of fiber stretching is added to maintain elasticity without deformation. The imported Barudan embroidery machine and 75D ultra-fine imported nylon thread give it a glossy appearance and a great hand feel, making it look new even after long use. The embroidery work perfectly replicates the original craft! The inside of the front pocket has undergone reverse processing, leaving no detail overlooked. The small craftsmanship required a lot of effort. The pocket shape is formed using an automatic template molding machine, ensuring every piece has the same size and shape, presenting a three-dimensional, elegant, and exquisite appearance! ⚠️This original version has a slightly off-white color, while market versions tend to be whiter, perfectly distinguishing the genuine from the fake. Welcome to compare👋

    Size:XS S M L XL

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