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    Hermès|Evelyn |Dream color

    Model: YF17

    Color: Dreamy Purple

    Material: TC Leather Hardware: Silver

    Introducing the stunning YF17 Dreamy Purple in TC leather with silver hardware. This new color, Love Ma’s 09 Dreamy Purple, is truly a shade fit for a fairy. If you’ve been sticking to black, white, and gray styles, this surprise of Dreamy Purple might just change your perspective. The combination of TC leather and the enchanting Dreamy Purple is like a dream come true for bag enthusiasts. It’s the first time I’ve felt the dilemma of feeling like a fairy. Let’s give the fairy-like pink-toned look a try!

    The 09 Dreamy Purple is a new color from Love Ma in 23 years. It’s cooler and more subdued than the 3Q Sakura Pink, with a gentle and ethereal vibe that belongs to the realm of fairies. While 3Q leans towards a sweeter style, 09 is all about embracing a gentle and pure desire.

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