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    Hermès|New KL 20 Desordre |collections

    KL 20 Desordre adopts a double-sided asymmetric design, placing buckles and belts on both sides of the bag, and the naturally inclined single-side buckle creates a beautifully layered structure, which is more stunning in visual effect compared to the classic and stable styles.

    What’s in my bag?

    Capacity Evaluation: Tissues, Menthol candies, Hand cream, Lipstick, Coin purse, Miniature perfume, Cushion…

    The front small pocket isn’t very spacious. Personally, I think you can put some frequently used items in it, like for me, I would put the cushion and lipstick for easy touch-ups anytime. As for the larger pocket in the back, it can hold two smartphones (up to 6.7 inches) and some small items. To be honest, taking out two phones might be a bit tight, but this bag looks really stylish, and I can overlook this minor inconvenience! For a new design, it’s a breakthrough, very personalized~

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