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    Prada Women’s Re-Nylon Shorts 🖤

    Featuring all the iconic elements of the brand, this is definitely one of their most classic pieces. A must-have for fashionistas, these shorts are flattering for all body types. With a super high waist, they give the effect of a skirt, perfectly showcasing your legs. Made from original custom nylon fabric, unlike other softer nylon fabrics on the market, our nylon is high-density and stiff, giving it a great texture. It’s important to note that if this type of shorts fabric isn’t stiff, it simply won’t hold up. ⚠️ We use the original brand’s OEM factory, Triangle, which is identical to the genuine product. Other products on the market can’t compare. Made with stainless steel components, it’s polished to a high density on all sides. The Triangle logo inside the shorts is smooth and flat, without any raised edges, cut like a diamond in the sun. The leather base of the Triangle logo is also custom-made, ensuring the overall style of the entire piece.

    Sizes: 36, 38, 40

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