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    Chanel 24C Black Camellia Evening Bag

    Size: 9.5x23x3.5cm Material: Original Calfskin patent leather This size feels a bit like a baguette, very elegant. It reminds me of Amal Alamuddin, George...

    New Arrivals |Hermès Kelly moove

    This time it's not a small waste bag!! Review of Kelly Moove The new member of the Hermès Kelly family, Kelly Moove, is here for...

    Hermès KL22 Handbag

    Material: Original Suede Color: Grass Green/Silver Clasp Size: 22x13x7cm Description: A handbag with a petite appearance, no long shoulder strap. Surprisingly, this design enhances...

    Chanel 23B Metal Bracelet Mini Clutch Bag

    Why we need a Mini Clutch Bag Size:9*17*3.5cm Portability: Mini Clutch Bags are compact and easy to carry, making them lightweight and convenient. They won't...

    Chanel 19 series |clutch

    Dimensions:20×27.5×1cm This Chanel 19 handbag features a soft and supple leather, the iconic quilted design, and a simple yet powerful chain strap. It's irresistibly beautiful...

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