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    CHANEL Grey CF Golden Ball Large Mini

    The Chanel Golden Ball series is really popular, with adjustable chain length that solves the problem of height, as it suits both tall and short people. Everyone can find the suitable strap length.

    1. The soft and delicate lambskin is smooth and shiny, and the full diamond pattern has a good pressing and rebound effect. The soft body and crisp edges highlight elegance and casualness.
    2. The golden ball is the finishing touch of this bag, with exquisite three-dimensional cutting lines of the diamond pattern, paired with the embossed logo polished many times, highlighting the vintage gold shine.
    3. The large mini with the golden ball is not large, but it looks very cute. Don’t think it’s not practical just because it’s small. You can put a lot of things inside. It’s no problem to put in your daily phone, lipstick, cushion, and car keys!
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