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    Gucci | Plain Weave Nylon Jacket/Sunscreen

    The fabric for this jacket was an extreme challenge, taking nearly half a year to develop before finally being released!🚀 When worn, it instantly elevates your style by tenfold, boasting vibrant colors and a vintage vibe that becomes even more appealing the longer you look at it~ This fabric is not something that can be easily produced domestically. It took a lot of effort to develop, and even just meeting the minimum order quantity for the four-color fabric cost over a hundred thousand. The fabric is a custom-made, finely crinkled Japanese nylon with added waterproofing technology, offering both breathability and sun protection while being water-resistant. What’s most remarkable is its light and floaty texture, providing a sense of freedom without any constriction. The craftsmanship is quite challenging as well. The fabric is embroidered with a tight stitch using a BAI LIN DA embroidery machine, with double-layer embroidery for a tangible texture. The four colors are skillfully pieced together with no visible seams on either the front or reverse side. The cuffs and hem are finished with ruffled edges, and the hem has an adjustable drawstring for varying lengths, which adds to the overall complexity. Aligning the four colors perfectly was an especially demanding task for the artisans🤞 The fabric is costly, and the labor required is high. As a result, it was an instant hit upon release, leading to longer wait times for reorders. So make sure to cherish every opportunity to get your hands on this limited stock item. It’s a piece that can be worn throughout the year!

    Sizes: XS, S, M

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