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    Hermès|BK20 Midnight Faubourg

    The BK 20 Sellier Midnight Faubourg, also known as the Black House, is named Extreme Night, but many people call it Dark Night. The exterior-seamed craftsmanship makes the entire bag look exceptionally exquisite. With a size of 20, it is the smallest size currently available for platinum bags. It features a flat design combining alligator leather and Togo leather, with the body made of four different materials. The handle and flap are made of fog-faced alligator, the body is made of Epsom leather, and the windows are made of Madane and Swift leather. All hardware is in the so-black finish. The three-dimensional H orange awning and yellow windows, like the warmth emitted by the bright lights when night falls, make this Dark Night elf look dreamy and eye-catching enough. The collision of different leathers creates a very delicate and advanced three-dimensional and layered sense. Seeing the real object, one cannot help but admire the craftsmanship of Hermes!

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