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    Hermes BK20 Faubourg/White

    Colors: 8L/01/T0/93
    Materials: TOGO/SWIFT/SOMBRERO/Goat Skin/Fog-faced American Alligator/logo-pressed square mouth
    Size: 20x16x11cm
    Description: The small house, originally named 20 Faubourg, is inspired by Hermès’ flagship store on Faubourg Avenue in Paris— from the shop windows and awnings to the orange shopping bags, the store’s iconic elements are cleverly integrated into the details of this limited edition handbag. Launched in 2019, its petite and exquisite appearance is loved by Hermès collectors. While exuding luxury, it also reveals a cute charm.

    The small house is a rare exterior-seamed platinum bag. Since its launch, the small house has had four different styles, namely Black Night, White Day, Midnight, and First Snow, known as the “Four Courtyard Combination.” In terms of value preservation, First Snow ranks first among the four courtyards! The First Snow house features pure white Swift leather, orange Swift leather, pure white Togo, haze blue goat skin, and the 8L Glacier White alligator known as the “Little Himalayas.” Crafting exterior-seamed bags requires highly skilled craftsmen, so bags made from rare leather with exterior seams are always entrusted to the top craftsmen for production. In addition to the craftsmanship of the exterior-seamed body, the production of the storefront on the front also requires extremely skilled craftsmen. The First Snow house is not just a bag, but also a timeless masterpiece of beauty and luxury!

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