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    Secrets 95% of People Don’t Know

    Dear friends who have purchased from me, recently, some customers mentioned that my cashmere scarves are too expensive. They bought similar ones elsewhere for just a few dozen dollars. How many of you truly believe you’ve purchased real wool or cashmere? It’s 2024, time for us to do some homework together!

    The real cost of cashmere?
    The purchase price for 1 kg of cashmere is 170 USD. Adding the costs of design, processing, transportation, warehousing, and value-added taxes, the factory cost alone exceeds 170 USD. Similarly for all my other products, the cost is high, focusing on quality and service! While elsewhere, you might worry about not getting what you see, here, you never have to worry.

    Why does fake cashmere feel so good?

    There’s a technique called ‘heavy water washing’, a secret known in the industry. The fact is, even a piece of cotton fabric can be washed to feel like cashmere, time will let you know I am right.

    Are there reliable quality products?

    It’s genuinely hard to find, especially in a market flooded with various sellers competing with low prices. What you see are not what you get is the unchanging truth of this market. But congratulations you have found me, I can confidently assure you that by choosing me, you’ve reached the pinnacle of this market.

    Grateful for everyone’s support over these years, because of professionalism, we persist! We’ve always aimed to serve only the top 5% of customers in this market.

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