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    Talking about Hermès lindy bag

    To find a bag from Hermès that suits almost all girls for daily use, many people might not choose Birkin and Kelly, but instead opt for another relatively unique and popular bag, that’s Lindy. Although it’s not as well-known as Birkin and Kelly, there are certainly many Lindy enthusiasts out there, could you be one of them?

    Lindy handbag made its debut in the Spring/Summer show of 2007, taking its name from a dance, Lindy Hop. The appearance of the Lindy handbag brought a fresh perspective to Hermès fans at that time because, in terms of design and style, Lindy differed from Hermès’s previous offerings.

    Compared to the renowned Birkin and Kelly from Hermès, Lindy, when it was first released, broke away from the conventional perception of Hermès bags. However, its initial reception wasn’t very high, and many people couldn’t initially appreciate Lindy’s beauty.

    Nevertheless, classics are classics. Many of Hermès’s bags aren’t easy to fall in love with at first sight. What was once unnoticed about Lindy has now become incredibly appealing. If you own a Hermès bag that’s versatile and practical, the money spent on buying it must feel worthwhile!

    Lindy is the “jack-of-all-trades” bag that’s perfect for everyday life. In terms of practicality, Lindy is a standout among Hermès handbags. Regardless of the size, the interior storage space is ample, and the bag’s shape can also be altered based on the number of items inside.

    Beyond its large capacity and strong functionality, Lindy handbag offers various ways to style it. The two small ear-shaped handles make it convenient for carrying by hand or on the forearm. With the addition of a shoulder strap, it can be worn on the shoulder or crossbody. This sets it apart from bags like the Birkin and Kelly, which are typically only hand-carried.

    For selecting a size, here’s a suggestion: the smallest size is the most popular and it’s a newer addition to the Hermès collection. The Lindy Mini quickly gained popularity and boosted interest in other sizes of Lindy bags. Lindy 26 strikes a balance between capacity and style, making it a golden size for different occasions, while the 30 suits taller individuals with a strong presence.

    There’s another important reason why many people choose Lindy from Hermès’s bag collection. Unlike Birkin, Lindy’s positioning isn’t as unattainably high, and its price is relatively reasonable. It’s especially suitable for low-profile, sophisticated professionals.

    When it comes to color choices, sticking to Hermès’s classic color palette is a wise move: black and gold, gold-brown, elephant gray, and pastel white. If you see them, don’t hesitate to buy, as you won’t go wrong!

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