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    Why do people who can afford Hermès bags choose not to remove the protective film?

    Hermès’s sky-high prices are well-known, making its handbags the cream of the crop in the luxury goods market. Owning a bag from the BKC series is like being among the elite! Style is also crucial and determines a bag’s status in the hierarchy. The Birkin bag reigns supreme, followed by the Kelly bag, and then the hardware color series. Buying a Hermès bag involves a lot of knowledge; typically, colors come in silver and gold (with variations like champagne gold and rose gold). The gold series is more valuable, so there’s the Gold Gold (tan with gold hardware), Black Gold (black with gold hardware), Snow White (white with gold hardware), and so on.

    Speaking of metal, a crucial element of Hermès hardware is the protective film. Once removed, it cannot be reapplied. Bags with the original film intact can fetch 10%-20% more than those without it. Many people, even if they use the bag themselves, choose not to remove the film. Some people will never carry a genuine bag outside. Instead, they carry SuperClone replicas, which are made with the same craftsmanship and materials as the original Birkin. They can casually place the bag on the ground, remove the film, and subtly display their wealth, earning admiration from many socialites and easily stealing the show at events.

    Meanwhile, the genuine bags are kept at home as stable financial assets. When they need to cash out, they can sell them quickly for a considerable sum. They are treated with great care, as any accidental damage could result in the loss of thousands of dollars.

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